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We are glad to introduce MULTILINE INDUSTRIES, as a member of MULTILINE Group of Companies. The group has been associated with many prestigious projects in GULF & INDIA by executing the HVAC and ELECTRICAL projects.

All the products are manufacture under Standards such as ASHRAE, SMACNA AND DW-142

We produce and supply the products under brand name VECON. The introduction of VECON products are the results of times demand for quality oriented product and the hand of well experience technical team with prime motto to provide best quality product in the market. Our factory at Dubai and Kochi has proven its capability of producing ducts of international standards for many prestigious projects

Our Products include
Our Products

In an HVAC system there are many times when there is a need for ducts for supplying conditioned as well as fresh air to a particular indoor area from the machine and because of this reason duct system works have gained importance in HVAC system. Ducts are used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning to deliver or remove air. Ducts are available mainly in two types Rectangular and Circular ducts but can be made of different material like G.I Mild steel, Stainless steel and aluminum. Installing Duck work has many advantages like reducing electricity bills by correct channeling and sizing according to the airflow but this can be achieved only with good quality ducts and qualified installation technicians.

Duct Manufacturing & Production Process
Duct Manufacturing Process - Straight Ducts
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The Duct fitting are processed through the CNC controlled Plasma Cutting System. The fabricator feeds the data in the system and the system automatically nests the parts on the sheets with the precise measurements. The Plasma Cutting tables are then loaded with GI steel and the fitting parts are cut. The fabricator identifies the pieces with the help of layouts prints and marks the dimension along with fabrication instructions that deal with bending, rolling, etc. These parts then are passed through duct beader to strengthen the sheets by grooving them.

Info Graphics Duct Manufacturing Process

After beading the parts are passed through various processes such as lock- forming, rolling, bending, flanging, spot welding and cleat bending as per the requirement of the fitting. The fitting parts are then moved to the assembling section, where the parts are assembled, while it’s add on flange are fixed, stiffness for large ducts are added etc. The factory foreman monitors all the processes so as to ensure the highest quality of products.

The assembled duct fitting are then sent to the quality assurance and inspection department

Air Duct Products Quality Check and Inspection

Our Factory at kochi, India is the latest branch of Multiline Industries having latest machinery. We employ technically qualified and well experienced personnel who have international exposure to produce high quality sheet metal products

Air Duct Manufacturing Factory Kochi-India
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