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Multiline group is one of the leading maintenance companies in Dubai,UAE. We deals with all maintenance services such as maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration, electrical, fire protection, cooling tower, duct, plumbing, lift and escalator etc.

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Air conditioning & Refrigeration

  • Maintenance of chiller plants, AHU, Fresh Air units, FCU, CCU, Chilled water pumps, VAV, package unit and split units.
  • Maintenance of marine air conditioning equipments
  • Compressor overhauling
  • Kitchen Exhaust and other ductwork cleaning with sophisated equipments.
  • Specialized in data center cooling solution


  • Maintenance of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial installations.
  • Full Technical Support/advice on power issues.
  • Replacement of switch gear accessories of DB’s SMDB’s Main panel etc. incase of faulty.
  • ELCB testing on DB’s
  • Load Monitoring/Recording each month.
  • Maintenance of DB’s, SMDB’s, Main Panel, etc.
  • Repair, Maintenance, Erection & Commissioning of Transformers, UPS, ATS.
  • Repair, Maintenance & Load testing of all type of Generators.
  • Maintenance of Capacitor banks, LV/ MV / HV switch gears, Motors, Light protection system, Bus bars etc.
  • Oil testing of transformers.
  • Lightning protection system.

Fire Protection, Safety & Security Services

We provide the most comprehensive engineering solutions and services in the field of fire protection, safety and security system and car parking management system. We undertake the installation as well as the maintenance of

  • Gate Barrier
  • Parking Management System
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Access Control System
  • CCTV System
  • Fire protection system including Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm Systems, Voice Evac Systems, Aspiration Type Smoke Detectors, Central Battery System(Emergency and Exit Lights), Fire pumps, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkle Systems (FM 200, Co2 & Inert Gas), Deluge Systems(Pre-Action, Foam and Water Spray System)
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Testing & Commissioning Agents of HVAC equipments

  • Air balancing
  • Chilled water balancing
  • Chemical treatment of chilled water pipes and maintaining PH value
  • Issue of third party inspection reports
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Cooling Tower

  • Maintenance of natural draft and forced draft cooling tower.
  • Chemical cleaning suction strainer cleaning spray nozzle cleaning and measuring the quantity of water.
  • Maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment related to cooling tower.
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Duct Cleaning & Disinfection

  • Galaxy will undertake the cleaning and disinfection of all type of duct systems such as
  • Air conditioning duct system
  • Laundry duct system
  • Our duct system cleaning procedures are performed in accordance with the NADCA(National air duct cleaners association) procedures of 2006 specification and follow the rules of Dubai Municipality order no61/1991 as well.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation duct system.
  • Kitchen exhaust duct system.
  • Smoke exhaust duct system.
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  • Water tank maintenance
  • Booster pump, transfer pump maintenance
  • Maintenance of floor, Trap, Gully Trap, Bottle Trap, Trap Manhole and Air rent
  • Rodding eye drainage system
  • Maintenance of sanitary fittings
  • Maintenance of drainage system
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Low temperature systems

  • Maintenance of cold room, chiller, deep freezer. Blast Freezer and Room Panels
  • Maintenance of compressors and super heat adjustment
  • Maintenance of temperature control modules
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Water cooling system

  • Supply and installation of domestic water cooling system for villas, hotels and clubs.
  • Water cooling system for swimming pool.
  • Water cooling systems for industrial Equipments and Air compressors.
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Lift / Escalator

  • We offer maintenance contract which can be tailored to suit the particular need of each of your elevator, escalators and moving walks.
  • We undertake repairs to all type of elevators, escalators and moving walks. We undertake repair to all type of elevator, escalators and moving walks. We undertake minor repairs at the same time as the scheduled maintenance visit to minimize your cost and inconvenience.
  • Replacement or repair of hand rail and replacement of major components will be completed at a time convenient to your business.
  • Our maintenance programs are suitable for all manufacturers and types of equipment.
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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering division is not only technologically well equipped but also takes adequate care in assessing various factors such as design, planning and execution. We provide a full spectrum of civil engineering works through high standards of workmanship those results in high productivity and performances.

We undertake,
  • Building Extensions and remodeling including concrete and masonry works.
  • Kitchen refurbishment including cabinet, flooring and ceiling works.
  • Bathroom refurbishment including tiling, decoration and sanitary ware
  • Office space planning and refurbishment.
  • Building exterior and interior painting.
  • Carpentry and fit out works including wardrobes, doors and pergolas.
  • Water proofing and insulation works
  • Repair/Maintenance of walkways, fencing and re-painting of curbstones, paving tiles including the road marks etc.


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