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Multiline Group has joined hands with VSM Solar PVT LTD.

Multiline will provide Distribution & Installation services of Solar Air Conditioning

VSM Solar is in joint venture with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Germany.

VSM Solar uses a very advance and high quality chiller from Broad and similar high quality solar collectors from RITTER Group and all the components that go into the making of the system are obtained from quality proven manufactures giving the whole system a life of 25 years

Basically Solar Air Condition is achieved by the utilizing the solar thermal energy as an power source for driving an advance absorption chiller. The Power source for the absorption chiller is taken in the form of hot water at a temperature of about 95°C- 98°C which is produced by specially designed Evacuated tube solar thermal collectors with CPC reflectors with give constant high temperature water during the whole day.

The chiller used in this system is from Broad Group and the solar thermal collectors are from Ritter Group Germany.

Apart from many advantages the two Main area of Advantage of Solar Air Conditioning over conventional Air conditioning system are.

An existing Chiller Air Conditioning system can also be retrofitted with an Solar Air conditioning system without disturbing the Air-Side of the existing system much as the Air-Side similar to that of an conventional chiller system. This type of combination can contribute to 85% power saving during the day time.

Solar Air-Conditioning can be provided with a Diesel Genset backup system for providing hot water to the absorption chiller system in night time.

Only small pumps are required for the operation system the power for which can be taken from photo voltaic solar cells which provide electric power (by this arrangement the system can be applied to areas with power issues) or can be conventionally taken from the grid.

The payback period of this system is 2-5 years so that means the initial cost of this system will be paid off in terms of savings contributed by power saving aspect. And the operational cost is very less when compared to normal chiller system.

The use of quality proven components gives this system a service life of 25 years.

Solar air conditioning in Dubai

Advantages of Solar Air-conditioning

1. Easy availability of heat source at low cost
Heat source for driving a absorption chiller can be easily obtained using solar collectors, waste steam, geothermal Steam etc. at an much lower cost than electric power or fossil fuel burning.

2. Noise free
Absorption chillers have very few numbers of moving parts therefore it produces very low sound and vibration then compared with a mechanical chiller. This gives absorption chiller a upper hand in area selection for chiller installation.

3. Easy availability of heat source at low cost
In a conventional mechanical chiller the main power consuming components is the compressor and so as there is no Compressor inside absorption chillers an approx. of 75%-85% of electric power can be saved. Power is only required for running small pumps.

4. Environment Friendly Operation
Absorption chillers do not use any environmentally harmful chemical refrigerant and the refrigerant used is water only thus making it environmentally friendly system.

5. Low Running Cost
In absorption chillers system there are only small pumps therefore the electric power requirement is low and hot water, steam, etc. can be used as the primary power source the running cost of absorption refrigeration system is much less than the vapor compressor system

6. Low Maintenance Cost
As stated above absorption chillers don’t use mechanical compressor which are main component that require frequent maintenance in conventional mechanical chillers hence bridging down to the maintenance cost down drastically.

Non-Concentrating: Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Evacuated tube solar collectors are non-concentrating type solar collectors with a special tube within tube design with inner tube’s other surface coated with anti-reflective coating ( blue color aluminum nitride) for absorbing more efficiently two tubes are in concentrically mounted with space between them at vacuum inside that there is an aluminum heat absorbing cylindrical plate and inside this copper tubes run the whole length in U shape, all the copper tubes are in manifold to provide single input and output. The manifold is covered by a heat insulating material, The CPC reflector plate are aluminum corrosion resistant highly reflective plates with two half curved design which allow it to concentrate rays from the sun to the tube only at any time of the day.

solar air conditioner

CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) - Reflector

A highly reflecting, weather-proof CPC-reflector (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) is placed behind the evacuated tubes to increase the efficiency. The special mirror geometry ensures that even at unfavorable irradiation angles direct and diffuse sunlight falls onto the absorber. This substantially improves that energy yield of a solar collector. No south adjustment of the mounting area, sun progress from east to west, diffuse irradiation. No tracking is required. The collectors can be mounted on the roof level with very little inclination

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